With the popularity which the movie streaming industry has gained in the past few years, it is only right that we pay them some attention as there is much to gain from online movie streaming.

Putlockers is a website where you can watch free movies online without downloading. That is a simple-enough introduction but really why should it be necessary to know about this site or maybe even check it out? Well we are glad you asked.

Putlockers - Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading
Putlockers – Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading 2017

In this article we are going to be looking at everything as it concerns this movie streaming site, we are going to be looking at the pros and cons and what may make it preferable for movie streaming when compared to other sites offering the same service. If you like to watch free movies online, then you may want to read through this carefully. Let’s jump in.


We have already established the fact that you can watch movies online free at Putlockers. There is a very annoying redirection which opens up a new tab in your browser once you open the site – okay it is not annoying and since it does not close your site, you can just close the new tab and proceed. It pops up just once so it is not a problem.

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The design of this site is real simple and that it one of its strong points. It is basic yet efficient. There are no ads or flashing images which distract you from why you are there in the first place. On getting to the site, you are greeted by the Putlockers logo and beside it to the right, there is a highly functional search box from which you can easily find the movie you want to stream. There is a main menu underneath with the following items.

Homepage – you can click this to get back to the home page at any point.

Featured – In this menu item, what you get is a 5X5 grid layout of about 875 movies with 25 movies on each page. These movies consist of newly released, as well as most streamed movies. It is constantly updated so this is the easiest way to find new additions to the site as well as the Hollywood box office.

New Movies – This menu item has a submenu which has two items and they are ‘Added today’ and ‘added yesterday’. This is a more specific to check up on new added movies.

TV Shows – That’s right! This site does more than give you free movies online without downloading. You can also get TV shows on here and by clicking this menu, a new page is opened from where you can browse hundreds of TV shows.

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Genres – This menu item sorts the movies into categories of genres and helps you find the movies that way. This helps if you are into a particular genre say Action or romance for example, you can click on the given genre and sift through movies in that category. It is worth a mention that this site has in its database up to 21 different genre categories from which you can pick a movie from.

Years – Putlockers offers here a place where users can view movies according to the year of release. On this site there are movies going all the way back to 1996; now that is a database worth looking at if you watch free movies online.

A-Z List – This menu item lists all movies in alphabetical order and from there you can look for a movie of your choice. You have to know what you are looking for before you come here though.

There we have it for the menu items so let us look a bit into the home page. While here, there are a few items that are made available to you so that you do not have to use the main menu. Right on the home page, you can find Featured movies, recently added, and Movies listed by alphabet. You can also do a more refined search using criteria such as Title, Director, Actor, year, and genre.

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As far as making it easy goes, Putlockers has got it right and that is why it should be a go-to place for those looking to watch free movies online without downloading.


When you have found the movie you wish to stream, then comes the easy part. A new page opens from which you can watch the movie. On this page, you get details about the movie including the year of release, genre, director, synopsis, and the IMDB rating.

You can also share the movie to your social media friends on Facebook, twitter, and Google +.


Putlockers do not host any of the movies found there on their own servers. All movies on Putlockers are hosted on third party servers which are not affiliated to Putlockers so they are not liable for any legal issues which may arise from streaming a movie on their site.


For those who have more questions about Putlockers, they have an active Facebook page with over 14,000 likes and you can like the page and ask your question there.  On their Facebook page, not only are they quick to respond to messages, but the online community there is willing to answer any questions you may have as well as help you resolve any issues concerning your usage of the Putlockers site and your movie streaming experience. It does not cost any money so we advise you to like the page and get involved with the online community as well.


Movie streaming has become very popular especially in places with fast internet speeds. There are multitudes of free movie streaming sites out there and here we have a site which is very good when it comes to getting your movies streamed on the internet. Whether you are a veteran in movie streaming or a new comer, despite all the sites out there, this is one you definitely want to add to your bookmarks as you do not know when it will come in handy. So log on and try it out. Happy Streaming.