The Showbox download app is one of the best free movie apps and TV shows streaming app for Android. Showbox app Android is regarded as one of the best free movie apps that allows users to watch HD movies free of charge.

The Showbox download app is an Android based entertainment app that offers the users access to the unlimited streaming of TV shows and the largest collection of free movies. The Showbox app Android is considered one of the best free apps since it allows users see these movies and V shows in high resolution display.

showbox apk

The Showbox download app is not available in the Google play store or any other Android market. The Android users if interested will have to slide load with a device that allows media file transfer, either via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB or by simply installing the Showbox APK format on the device.

Most users want to download the Showbox app Android as one of their free movie apps not just on their mobile phones, but also will like to have Showbox APK downloaded to their PC, tablet and or Mac.

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The Showbox app download is an excellent android app to keep your leisure time fun and active by accessing the largest collection of the online movies and renowned TV episodes anywhere and anytime.

Features of the Showbox app

Some of the flawless and exceptional features of the Showbox app are:

  1. Free cost, so that the users can access all without paying for it.
  2. Innovative design.
  3. User friendly
  4. The App is updated on a regular basis.
  5. It doesn’t require logging in details nor ask for many details as well.
  6. Showbox allows you to share with friends
  7. Users can download, share movies and live stream all free of charge.
  8. Sorting out different genres of the movies.
  9. It has easy navigational options to search for any movie or TV shows.
  10. Users are allowed to choose the video quality they prefer according to their device.

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How to get the Showbox app download on your Android Phone.

To download Showbox android app for free movies online, follow the steps below.

1. Go to “settings”

2. Tap on “security”

3. Turn on “unknown source” if it is not already turned on. This basically allows you to install apps that are not from the Android or device market.

showbox apk
Showbox apk Download : Free Movie App

4. The next step to download Showbox app will be to click on the Showbox APK link to open in your browser. DOWNLOAD

showbox apk
Showbox apk Download : Free Movie App

5. Wait for the file to finish downloading; after which you will open the file to install the app, then you can start watching free movies online.

showbox apk
Showbox apk Download : Free Movie App
showbox apk
Showbox apk Download : Free Movie App

The Showbox app download sometimes fails and if you couldn’t enjoy free movies online because your Showbox download app is saying “unfortunately, Showbox has stopped working”, follow the following steps below.

  1. On your device, go to the “settings” option
  2. Tap “general”
  3. Tap “Apps”
  4. Scroll down to “Showbox”
  5. Click on Showbox and then clear data and clear cache.
  6. Restart your device.
  7. If step 6 didn’t work, re-install and download Showbox movies app by following the previous steps.

As mentioned above, the Showbox app can also run on your PC, Mac and Chromecast free.

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How to run the Showbox app on your PC

As earlier mentioned, Showbox is available for both Android and Windows platform and it is the best online video streaming app that allow its users to have access to its huge database of.

The app has many outstanding features that make it equally attractive for your PC that typically includes downloading of latest movies, live streaming of all the latest TV episodes as well as sorting and categorizing different genres of the movies.

The Windows users can access all of these features without struggling much, especially because the emulators are available. An emulator allows Windows or any other platform to install any Android app without so much difficulty.

One of the most outstanding and recommended Android emulator is BlueStacks. BlueStacks can be downloaded for free from various online website portals. Or simply download by visiting

Once the BlueStacks Android emulator has been downloaded, go ahead and download the Showbox APK for PCs and Laptops (,follow the steps to install and choose to open with BlueStacks.

How to run the Showbox app on your Mac

Mac OS is a succession of OS that is based on graphical user interface that requires visual interacting of computer items, with human making computers more user friendly and easy to understand/ communicate.

Although Showbox was primarily designed for Android platforms, users can download emulators to be able to use the app on their Mac platforms. The preferred emulator for Mac is BlueStacks or Andy. And you can also use a software called Genymotion whichwill temporarily transform your device to an Android.

After installing the app, open it, a window will appear; click on the “add” button on the window which allows you to add a desired mobile device. Once the mobile device has been added, the Genymotion will turn the window as that of the selected Android mobile.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Download the APK file of Showbox
  2. After downloading the APK file, drag it into the Virtual Device.
  3. The Virtual Device app will automatically install the app
  4. After installing the Showbox, open and enjoy.

(note: the Showbox can be downloaded from the official website at the end of this article).


Gone are those days when people use their GSM mobile phones for just the traditional features of chatting and calling. Today, the mobile phone industry is very advanced and has introduced a diverse of high-tech mobile phones that have multifunctional purpose. The Showbox app is one of the many android apps that are not lagging in bringing entertainment to its users.

Showbox also runs on Chromecast. The official website for the Showbox movies app is: