Star wars battlefront review looks at the intricacies and the hidden adventures of a game which has intense fantasies. Battlefront is a real battle field with lots of action for gamers.

Starting Star wars battlefront for the first time is an exciting experience; selection mode, the combat system is on point and the weapon selection is also fantastic with combat ready weaponry to select.

Star Wars Battlefront Review

Star wars battlefront features exhilarating moves and skills gamers will enjoy; performing evasive maneuvers in flying vehicles, whether you are new to gaming or a pro.Gaming modes like assault, supremacy, walker, droid run in Star wars battlefront gives a feel of real battle which uses the best weapons.

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Gamers playing Star wars battlefront will experience the detailed nature of the major locations in star wars; Endor, Tattooine, Sullus and Hoth. The rustling sound of leaves blown by the wind, the crunchy sound of footsteps on the snowy surface of Hoth

Star wars battlefront has good visuals; great graphics for a perfect experience in gaming, the game sounds are incredible. The spectacle of throwing yourself into the game and feeling being a part of makes it seem real. The close up action is irresistible experiencing a real battlefront. This makes it one of best games to look out for.

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Gamers playing Star wars battlefront video game online will experience Supremacy and Walker Assault modes; teams fighting for control over points and claiming all these points ensures victory. It also features objectives for gamers to focus on with their skills and capabilities and this differs with respective to player modes. Supremacy mode is the games near battle field experience where teams of 20 fight for control. Walker assault mode features interesting fights by walkers in their bid to destroy a rebel base.

Star wars battlefront review shows a wide range of modes dedicated to various types of battles; with more than 40 competitive multi players to well-crafted missions in single player mode or with a partner in a split screen mode. Many Star wars battlefront review indicate that to experience the best game play; operating system, memory, processor and video card needs should be of the latest specifications

Star wars battlefront video game is available on Mac OS, Microsoft windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2 with each offering an ecstatic experience for gamers.