Most times we have to go online every time we want to watch some of our favorite videos or worse still have to deal with bandwidth every of this time, but not again.

With Tubemate YouTube Downloader for android, you can download videos directly to your mobile devices. The Tubemate YouTube Downloader for android gives you the opportunity to have these videos on your mobile device’s SD card to watch whenever you wish to.

Tubemate Youtube DownloaderThe Tubemate YouTube Downloader for android fondly called the Tubemate app is one of the best YouTube video downloader for android devices that is very easy to use. The Tubemate app has a search bar that allows a user to search for any video; once the search is up; press the green arrow that is situated on the bottom part of the screen, select the video quality you would like to download as there are different resolutions for different android devices.

Once the Tubemate app downloads the searched videos, it automatically saves them to the SD card, but you can totally move the location to another as you best want it.

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The Tubemate YouTube downloader for android devices main strong point is the ability to use it easily without the prior need to install any software or prior knowledge of the device. You practically can have videos on the SD card of your android device in seconds.

To download the YouTube video downloader for android apps and, especially, the Tubemate app, you have to download the Tubemate apk. However, because of the popularity of the Tubemate app, you must be careful with the source of the Tubemate apk you want to download to your android device.

The Tubemate apk can be downloaded from the following verified site (as listed in the official website).


Some of the features that makes the Tubemate app one of the top YouTube video downloader for android devices are:

1. The YouTube video Downloader for android allows users to download several videos at the same time.

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2. The Tubemate YouTube Downloader app for android devices has its own playlists.

3. The YouTube video downloader for android allows users that only wishes to download audio.

4. Once the Tubemate apk is downloaded, the user is able to use it without any hassle. Very easy and simple to use.

5. The Tubemate YouTube Downloader for android devices known to have an Arabic UI issue has been fixed.

6. The Tubemate app has an adaptive format streaming play support that separates video and audio streaming.

7. The Tubemate YouTube Downloader has an effective headset control support.

8. The YouTube video downloader also has an external SD support for MP3 converter.

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The Tubemate YouTube Downloader app is a complete app that has a greater number of options like selecting the folder of destiny, choose the video quality you want to download or download only audio in MP3. The Tubemate app comes in handy and very useful for android users as watching videos online can really tell on the data plan.

It cannot be over emphasized that the Tubemate YouTube Downloader app is a very simple app, light and definitely fast. All you have to do is download the right Tubemate apk.

Tubemate YouTube Downloader Alternatives

Some of the other apps or software, related to the Tubemate YouTube Downloader for android devices are:

#1 Aptoide for AndroidTubemate Youtube Downloader

The Aptoide is a platform that allows you download all the applications that you want on your android device without going through the Google Play Store. The Aptoide application gives you quickly a list with all the apps to choose from, which is in response to the search you typed on the search box.

The information on the Aptoide app are well designed and care, simple and use is intuitive for all kinds of users.

Download the Aptoide for android app from: DOWNLOAD

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#2 YouTube Downloader -SnapTube for AndroidTubemate Youtube Downloader

The SnapTube YouTube Downloader HD is a fast and convenient way to download any video and play it later without an internet connection. This app has several search options which has eleven subcategories in its catalogue, has a section of popular videos and gives you the history of your activities.

Download the SnapTube YouTube Downloader for Android from: DOWNLOAD

#3 PlayView for AndroidTubemate Youtube Downloader

The PlayView for Android YouTube downloader app is relatively new and it equally lets you download videos for free. The app also acts as a film viewer that allows you to be able to use the app for downloading both videos and watching them as well.

With PlayView, you have different customization options which allow you to be able to alter the screen resolution with, the volume and many other features.

Download the PlayView app from: DOWNLOAD

#4 YouTube Ripper for AndroidTubemate Youtube Downloader

The YouTube Ripper for Android is YouTube video downloader app that allows for multiple downloads at the same time, has great quality and works like an add-on.

The YouTube Ripper video downloader app is very easy, as all you have to do is to access your app and search for the video, click on the video once found until the “share” window appears. In this, you will find different mediums and you should tap on the option that says “YouTube Ripper” which automatically begins to download the app.

The YouTube Ripper video downloader app for android devices is quite easy to use, intuitive and processes quite fast.

Download this app from: DOWNLOAD

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#5 MediaClipTubemate Youtube Downloader

The MediaClip can be used as an autonomous app or integrated with the web browser and it allows you to download videos, images and PDF files easily and download several files all at the same time.

Some of the features of MediaClip YouTube video downloader includes; allows you to download video, pictures and PDF files almost from any website in the net, it is fast and easy to use, it includes support to reproduce videos in streaming, it downloads and reproduces the videos in the same app or from the browser.

Download the MediaClip YouTube video downloader app from: DOWNLOAD


Go ahead and use the Tubemate YouTube video downloader app for android or any of the other apps mentioned to download videos of internet on your devices so you can see them offline as many times as you want.