Yes, we know it is not so unfair to call another person’s effort useless, but some websites are indeed USELESS.

Useless meaning unusable, ineffectual, unimpressive.

Some websites are not fulfilling and are not set out to achieve the intended purpose of their creation; some don’t even have any purpose.

useless websites
Most Useless Websites 2017

These websites are so annoying, some are funny, some leaves you clueless, some you need to categorically say “Never take me to a useless website again” and some you might be so shocked you would say “take me to another useless website” …However, these websites have a common word; USELESS.

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Some of the useless websites out there are:

1. How about a website that only one person can be on it at a time? one of the pointless websites

2. is another useless website that has no use. It just helps you waste your time by encouraging you to keep clicking away.

3. What other way to define useless other than a website that directs you to play a lame cat game? Tells you to follow the lead cat by making the rest of the cats sit or stand forever. that useless website.

4. Please don’t take me to a useless website that is just purple. Yes, you heard right… is just a purple website.

5. Also, do not take me to another useless website like only allows you to waste time slapping someone with a snakelike hand. Disgusting!

6. Why do I need a website to tell me about a name spelt wrong??? the useless website that does that. Tells you, it’s encyclopedia spelt wrong.

7. You just want to play with tissue paper? Not even play, you just want to make it keep rolling? Try one of the most useless website

8. Another one of the pointless websites? probably has the crown.

9. You want to see a random color? Try this useless website

10. You just need something to tell you it’s a fact that you are awesome? is so useless all it says is: it’s true.

11. Imagine a website just to show you how to shake your screen? one of those useless websites.

12. You can have seconds and minutes count just starring at a chicken on a raft. indeed a time consuming and one ofuseless websites.

13. You need a useless website that all you see are objects falling and exploding with no form of thrill or sense of excitement? Check mean…don’t check it out.

14. You are not sure if the website is red or blue? Or perhaps it’s red and blue some minutes later? is a one of those useless websites because that is all it does.

15. Patience is a virtue only when you are waiting for something tangible. is one of those useless websites that makes you wait for absolutely nothing.

16. Maybe you could get some warmth from one of the useless websites that shows you a fireplace. Indeed, useless.

17. Hey! Ho!; says just that. What a pointless website.

18. You need a website just to show you the Facebook like button with some numbers? Of course, there is one of the useless websites for that is

19. You would think will at least show you a picture of a Ninja. Nope! It is that useless.

20. You don’t know how a dime looks? One of the useless websites; have that picture on it.

21. Oh! You need to see a grass grow? One of the useless websites named slowly shows that.

22. one of the useless websites that show zero information. Very chaotic.

23. Who would think a picture of dinosaur deserves a website? Not even a moving one. is a pointless website.

24. You need some lifeless cats to bounce around your screen? is that lifeless.

25. one of the useless websites I can’t explain. All I know is I am much better than wasting time on this pointless website.

26. is one of the useless websites that says nothing apart from showing you a man dancing.

27. You need a website to just spell WTF for you? That’s all

28.… That’s all it says.

29. You want to see a giant bat fart? Please google because even this pointless site – doesn’t show that.

30. Absolutely no word to describe No word.

31. Not sure what is falling on It is a pointless website that has failed to show or say anything.

32. Never seen a puppy lick a glass? shows that.

33. Even the screen color can make you miss the little duck diagrams. is one of the useless websites you would not want to waste time visiting.

34. Endless complain about passwords and worse thought about how your in-laws think. is a pointless website.

35. Too bright screens overshadowing puppies running? That is all there is to

36. doesn’t even show the clothes nor anything recognizable as a grandpa. Useless!

37. …long URL means something? NOPE. All it says is NOPE.

38. You want to play games? isn’t the website to be. No games, just pictures.

39. You can spend the whole day trying to figure this game out and you will still not be able to.

40. You think you have seen it all until you see

If you are wondering what the website administrators were thinking when they started them, you are not alone. I am also thinking the same.


I hope you didn’t have to click on the websites hoping to find more explanation because all there is to them is all that has been described. Nothing more maybe less.

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