When it comes to mail, it goes beyond just sending and receiving mail. There are other things to consider like what to do if your mail is missing, or what to do if you enter a wrong address. In any case, there is always way around these things.

We are going to be discussing USPS change of address and USPS mail forwarding but before we go into these, why do we need to know how to do these? In what situations would you need to do a USPS address change?

USPS Change Of Address


Imagine that job you love so much and have been working at for the past four years. Now you are so good that they have decided move you to a new state. You are excited and the move must happen in the next two weeks so you begin to rearrange your life, you say good bye to a few friends and then you remember your mail. All your mail has been coming to this address for the past four years and they will keep coming to this address unless you change it. So what do you do? Luckily, we are here to help.

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On the website, there is an easy way of requesting for a US postal service address change. It doesn’t only deal with US postal service change of address but change of address in other agencies like the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), etc.


A preferred and more convenient way to do a USPS change of address is by visiting the USPS website on On this service, there is a step-by-step guide on changing address. It gives options such as whether you are making an Individual move, a business move, or a family move. This is followed by a radio button where you get to choose if the move is permanent or temporary, after this, you enter your details and that of the new address and you decide when you want the USPS address forwarding to begin. If the move is temporary (15 days to six months), you can ask the USPS to gold your mail till you return. This works if one is going on a vacation.

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The steps are as follows

1. On the USPS site, the first thing you see is a privacy agreement which you are to acknowledge by clicking ‘continue’

2. After that, you get to the page where you get to choose the kind of move you would be making (temporary or permanent).

3. When this is selected, you would move on the right part of the screen where you would be asked when you would want your mail forwarding to begin, here you get to input a date string.

4. The next step is where you enter your personal details, this will include entering your previous address and the new address, your social security number, phone number, and other details.

5. The whole process will cost $1 and this is what you do on the next page, you choose a convenient method of payment.

6. Once all these steps have been passed, the confirmation page displays and lets you know that you are good to go.

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Another pace to get an online USPS change of address form is


An alternative for those who do not believe in doing these things over the internet is to go to the post office physically and request something called a movers guide. The movers guide comes complete with the necessary forms for changing addresses and it is given at the local post office free of charge. Once the form is filled and all necessary informaUnlike the Online US postal service address change, the processing time on this method is not instant. It takes a few weeks o process a USPS change of address when it is done at the local post office. There is also no fee applicable to the post office option.


Most times the question arises. What is the difference between USPS mail forwarding and USPS address change? Well, in essence, they are the same thing. You cannot apply for mail forwarding without changing your address. However, the mail forwarding service is used for a somewhat temporary move. In this short period (six months being the longest), all your mails will be moved to a new address. After the six month period, the mail forwarding service can be renewed for another six months. To apply for this service, go to

For those who wish to apply for the USPS mail forwarding, it is important to note that there are three options available to you when it comes to USPS mail forwarding.

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This option is suitable for a temporary move. The validity of this option is from 15 days to 365 days. This arrangement makes it such that your first class priority mail is forwarded to your new address but it does not give room for large parcels. The parcels will remain at the post office till you return to your precious address.


This mail forwarding option is used if you do not intent intend to return to your old address, again it only forwards priority first class mail and not Package services mail.

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This option sends all your mail to your new address once a week with an extra fee. This arrangement is convenient as it can be extended to one year. This option is temporary and can be used with both temporary and permanent change of address. To get on the premium plan, you need to visit your local post office as it can only be started at the counter at the post office.

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Moving, whether temporary or permanent, if not planned properly, can be a hectic exercise. So before you make a move, it is important to change your address with the USPS and other services which require it so as to not lose your mail and other documents or services you may need.Making these changes with the USPS is designed to give a smooth transition and you do not get to lose any of your mail in the process. So if you find yourself needing to make a move, do the smart thing and sort out your address.