USPS mail hold could save your life! Perhaps putting it that way is a bit extreme but think about it. Mails are important; getting mails at your address helps you keep tab on things, it helps you pay bills, get your magazine and newsletter subscriptions, and much more. It is important that we get our mail.

Perhaps you are on a vacation, or in hospital for a week or two.  If this has ever happened to you then you would realize that when you back, your mail box is full and most times you may even have to deal with missing mails. It is unpleasant and we would like to know how to stop that from happening.

USPS Hold Mail
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Sometimes we could ask a neighbor to help us out but that doesn’t always work out especially if our neighbor has a busy schedule. So let us get right into it. One effective way (or probably the most effective way) to make sure our mails are complete when we return from our vacations, business trips, or other short periods where we will be away from our residence.

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Before you request for USPS mail hold, there are three things you should consider and we will get to that at a later time. For now, let us get into the three ways to get USPS mail hold.



Lots of people actually do prefer this method even though it is a bit old school. USPS mail hold can be applied for in person. In such cases, the person has to go to the nearest post office and get a form called PS Form 8076. Once the form is filled, it should be handed back to the clerk (not superman) on duty. Before submitting however, please make sure that all the details filled on the form are accurate. If it is too much pressure, you can take the form, fill it out and mail it back to the post office when you are done. There will be a con formation number to write down just in case. And after that, the request is done. You are free to go on that trip.


You can also apply for USPS mail hold over the phone. What you do in this case is to call the US postal service and tell them the start an end date of the mail hold service you are requesting. The USPS can be reached on 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). In just a few minutes, your mail hold request is filed and good to go. This method is convenient as you do not have to leave the comfort of your room in order to get it done. As usual, there is a confirmation number you will be given in the event you want to cancel or extend the USPS mail hold service.

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The online method is the best and most convenient method in which a person can request a mail hold. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. Find below the steps by which you can comfortably apply for a USPS mail hold.


1. First off, go to the USPS site and on the left side there is a panel where you can choose the ‘hold mail’ option. This is what you click to activate the USPS hold mail service. There is also a blue box below the options where you can go directly to USPS hold mail.

2. Once you click, you are then taken to another page where you get to confirm if the service is available for your location. It is important to fill out this form correctly in order to get an accurate response in terms f of service availability. As with many forms, there are required areas such as name, email, state, and ZIP code. Once these have been filled out correctly, proceed to click ‘check availability’

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3. If online USPS hold mail is available for your location, it will take you to another page after processing for a few seconds. If it is not available, there will be an error message (probably due to the fact that the address wasn’t entered correctly) and you will be asked to correct the errors.

4. After confirming availability, you need to select the start and end dates for your USPS vacation hold. There are spaces available for the dates and you can choose dates that are 3 to 30 days apart. What this means is that the USPS hold mail service can be requested for a maximum period of one month. If for some reason you will be gone longer than one month, there is a premium USPS stop mail service you can subscribe for (we will explain this in a bit). Below the dates, there is room for some extra instructions if you want to add any.

5. Once this is all done, there is a ‘submit’ button at the bottom right side of the screen. Click this button and you will receive an email containing more details about USPS hold mail. Surely you want to be sure of what you have filled before clicking the ‘submit’ button. It would be inconveniencing to have entered the wrong address or wrong dates.


Like earlier stated, there is an option for this but it is a premium service. This means that you get to pay for it. For the initial 3 to 30 days, the USPS hold mail service is free but to add to the USPS work load by asking them to hold your mail for more than 30 days, you compensate with a few hard earned dollars. When you subscribe for this, your mail is shipped to you once a week.


Perhaps this should have come before the actual methods you can use to schedule USPS vacation hold. But getting right into it.

1. Decide how long you want the USPS hold mail service to last. Keep in mind that the first 3 to 30 days are free and anything more than that has to be paid for.

2. Know that you are to assign start and end dates to the USPS mail hold so as to keep the flow of your mails running smooth, you do not want to miscalculate the dates.

3. You must know exactly when to schedule the mail hold. Better yet, you must know when to submit your USPS stop mail request. If you request via phone, it takes at least one day to take effect but if submitted online, then it takes effect on the same day provided the request is submitted before 2am CST


In a few lines, let us reiterate the point that it is very important to fill out the correct information when asking for USPS hold mail service. It is designed to take the stress off you and keep your mails safe while you are away for a short period of time. It is free for the first 30 days and it is convenient. There are three ways to apply for the service and none of them is hectic. So before you make that trip, make sure you have asked for USPS vacation hold. It could save your life.