2016 is about to be over and like it happens at the end of the year, we start planning for the next year. We will be sending parcels to loved ones and so forth. Sometimes, just but missing a little detail some things may go haywire.

USPS Holidays Schedule 2017
USPS Holidays Schedule 2017

An example of things going haywire is when you have a parcel to receive or send, only to find out that the US postal service holidays fall on that day. This can be frustrating and perhaps even annoying but with proper information, these things can be avoided.

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So, based on this, we decided to check up and bring you the USPS holiday schedule for 2017. What are friends for?

January 2nd – New Year’s Day


It is important to know this because usually we assume that since January 1st is the actual holiday, then we should go about our businesses on the 2nd. The USPS holiday hours do not see it in that light and for good reason. Being in the USPS is no easy task and it is important they have their rest whenever possible. This is not a bad day to take a break from work and spend time with friends and family so it should be noted that on the first Monday of 2017, we will observe, along with the New Year, the first of the USPS holidays for 2017.

January 16th – Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday


Another Monday – yes it is. And this is another good reason to ‘chill’. US postal holidays can as well be called US holidays as they fall in with true American values. For those who do not know, Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary who had a dream. He was an activist who stood up for the African-American community in a time of gross racism. It was no easy task and he lost his life for it. It is noble that one of the US postal service holidays would fall on this day.

February 29th – Washington’s Birthday


And the Mondays are at it again. George Washington – America’s first president was Born on this day so it deserves a public holiday. He was a great man who did a lot for the United States so don’t go rushing out to any USPS office hoping to send or receive anything on that day because the USPS holiday hours include that day.

May 29th – Memorial Day.


For some reason, there are a lot of US postal service holidays falling on Mondays in 2017. Anyways, better safe than sorry or angry right? Knowledge they say is power and we may want to write this holidays down so we do not fall into that annoying trap of making plans which interfere with the USPS holiday schedule. This holiday couldn’t run away from Monday as it always observed on the last Monday of May. It is a day to honor all the men and women who have given their lives in military service for the United States.

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July 4th – Independence Day


It is the first Tuesday of the year – scratch that- the first Tuesday of the list of USPS holidays for 2017. But of course the 4th of July is one of the most festive days in the year and the USPS holiday hours count upwards on that day. It would be a bit awkward when every other person is lighting up the fireworks and then there is the post man at the door. That would be very unpatriotic. That being said, it is good that the USPS added this their yearly holidays.

September 4th – Labor Day


The Labor Day is a holiday held across the world (on different dates of course) in honor of working people. SO you see why the USPS should have the whole week off right? The thing is, should they take the whole week, and then there will be chaos cross-country. So the day seems fair. Another Monday nonetheless but a much needed one. Save the date – Although we were thinking it was Beyoncé’s Birthday we’d be celebrating.

October 9th – Columbus Day


On this day, the United States of America has a holiday which commemorates Christopher Columbus’ landing on the shores of America. Again on this day we add another number the USPS holidays for the year. It is on October 9th, another Monday. This holiday is not like Christmas Day which falls on the same date every year. So it will change next year as well. It is safe to know for information purposes

November 10th – veteran’s Day


Thank God it’s Friday – the first Friday on our list and a good addition too. So what is veteran’s Day and why do we celebrate it? First off, Veteran’s Day actually falls on November 11th. This day marks the signing of the Armistice which put an end to World War 1. Why wouldn’t you want to stay home on that day or celebrate at least? The Veterans did a great service and on this day, even the USPS pays tribute.

November 23rd – Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving is a public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November so again, the date changes each year. If you didn’t know that, know it now, and know that the USPS holiday schedule includes this day as well. On this day, the turkeys die in their thousands but that is not eh point here. The point is that the pilgrims celebrated the first thanksgiving in 1621 and it is a tradition that has carried on since then. The day after that is black Friday, when people run wild and hurt each other (unknowingly of course) in order to get some material things, but again that is besides the point here.

December 25th – Christmas Day


The history behind this holiday is a long and confusing one but what we know is that on that day, in fact around that period, there is a lot of good cheer and exchange of gifts. So Christmas Day is a Monday in 2017? Not sure how to feel about that. Well we started with a Monday and here we are at the very last of the US postal holidays for 2017. The United States Postal Service will not be working on this day because obviously they will be at the manger where Jesus was born. Or perhaps because it is a season to be merry (naturally). SO before you think of heading out to the postal Office or calling the customer care hot line, remember that nobody is there to answer. So, Jingle bells all the way as all the parcels will have to wait another day. Ho HoHo.

There we have it folks. A full list of all USPS holidays for the year 2017. A review of one year in one post. This can as well be as important as your calendar or PDA, seriously though, these dates are to be memorized as they will come in useful next year. Like earlier mentioned, some of these dates would change in 2018 as they are not ‘date-based’ holidays. But this is good enough to plan the 365 days that begin on January 1st.