The United States Postal Services (USPS), which could also be called U.S Mail, has been in existence for over 200 years. It was founded by Ex-President Benjamin Franklin and he was the First Postmaster General but that is enough history; simply put, the USPS network is gigantic.

Like any other postal service, due to the kind of responsibility they take on, is subject to a lot of enquiries. Customers want to know details about opening and closing times, holiday working schedule, and everything that has to do with USPS hours in general.

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USPS Hours : USPS Delivery Hours : USPS Timings & USPS Holidays 2017

That being said, of course it is important to know these details as the transference of parcels and mail is important to all who use these services. A mail which has missed its delivery deadline could be the different between getting a deal or not.

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In this article we will be taking these topics in detail so if you are one of those who have had these questions on your mind, they can be properly dealt with at the end.


The USPS hours in which they open their office doors to clients differ from the hours in which they are out in the field delivering mails, parcels, and shipments to you and I, the USPS works every day from Monday to Saturday and they take a break on Sunday. There was a time when Saturday work was almost excluded from the US post office hours but this was met with protests from business owners.

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On Mondays through Fridays, the USPS offices open to clients by 8:30am where they work themselves off delivering quality service and they shut their doors at 7:00pm. For the 10+ hours in which their doors are open on these work days, a customer can walk in there and send or receive mail. These USPS hours are considered official hours because this is the only time a mail can be registered as ‘booked for sending’. If a customer shows up at 7:15pm for example due to a tight schedule, a friendly clerk could receive the package but it will be treated as though it was received the next day and it will follow the procedure as such.

On Saturdays, UStimings differ a bit as the offices resume at the usual time stated above but they shut down at 3pm. Deliveries continue in most cases even after office hours.

As stated, on Sundays, you do not get to send or receive mail (unless from Hogwarts). USPS delivery hours do not include Sundays so if due to calculation, your parcel is supposed to arrive on Sunday, you can use on of the tracking tools available to confirm the delivery date of the parcel in question.


It is important to know when the post office in your area opens and closes so you can meet up and send your mail. Some people run into the challenge of getting to the Post office too early and others getting to the offices too late. There are easy ways of finding out what time the Post Offices in your area open and close so you blend it into your schedule should you have mail to send. These tools are varied but even the USPS has a way of finding out opening and closing times by state; this can be found at

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The delivery hours of the USPS can be a bit tricky, you see, it differs from the official hours. Everyday, the men and women of the USPS who go into the field to deliver mail, are given a route. Each post personnel is expected to complete that route at the end of the day. So delivery can start as early as 8:00am and continue till as late as 8:00pm; it all depends on a couple of factors like the weather and in other cases, the condition of the postal vehicle; a break down could cause a postal officer to stay on the road for some hours later than they planned and so on.

If you receive a mail, then you will not be receiving any other mail on that day. It is important to know that based on the routes we spoke of in the previous paragraph, no two vehicles are going to be going through the same route on the same day, and neither is a vehicle going to appear in the same destination twice in one day.

International mails should be delivered before 3PM, Domestic mails usually do get delivered before 12PM, and all other deliveries of any kind should be delivered before 5PM, this is so that the delivery vans can be back at the USPS office before they shut down, as earlier stated though, it doesn’t always work out like this sue to a number of unforeseen factors.


US Post Office hours do not count on National holidays. This means there is absolutely no office or field work on these days. For those who do not know what national holidays are, these are holidays like December 25th, martin Luther King Jr. Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, etc.

There are holidays where the USPS hours count as usual; these holiday include but are not limited to Good Friday, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day etc.

The thing about the holidays and US Post Office hours is that they do not necessarily stay the same every year. Thanksgiving Day for example, unlike Christmas Day, is not based on a date but on a day (the 4th Thursday in November). So if you assume that because Thanksgiving Day in 2016 was on the 22nd, it will stay the same in 2017, you would be mistaken. For the record, Thanksgiving Day for 2017 falls on the 23rd of November (you are welcome).


Finally all these are mentioned details can be gotten in one place, that place is the USPS mobile app. There are lots of services this application can render such as tracking packages, locating USPS offices, USPS timings, USPS delivery hours, hold mail, and so many other features. This app is convenient and is available for free on the iOS and Android markets for those who wish to download it.


Simple and straight to the point, we hope we have been able to answer the bulk of inquiries you may have had as it concerns the USPS delivery hours, opening and closing times, USPS holiday schedules and other inquiries. Another way to find Post office locations is by using a tool like Google maps, it enables you see, apart from the location, the opening and closing hours of the post office in your location.  It is advised that these details be checked on a regular bases as they could change due to a series of factors.