A common USPS enquiry we deal with is this, what happens if the USPS comes to my house and I am not there to receive my mail? The answer is simple. If you are not there to sign for, and collect your package, the carrier will take it back to the USPS office and attempt to redeliver the package the next day. If you are still not there to get it the next day, then a form is left at your residence and the mail is held pending the return of that form. The form in question is called a PS Form 3849.

usps Redelivery

To avoid situations like this, you can authorize another person to receive mail on your behalf. It is possible to schedule a USPS redelivery, and it is not even a complicated or hectic task.

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There are some classes of people who can receive mail on your behalf and they are as follows. A family member, an agent, or an employee can be authorized to receive mail on your behalf, any of these people is called an authorized agent. These authorized agents need to have details about the parcel in question, these details, such as the tracking number of the parcel help in USPS redelivery tracking and tells the carrier that the agent is qualified to receive the parcel.


An authorized agent can schedule redelivery on their own by logging into

On the site, the left side menu list displays ‘schedule a redelivery’ as one of its options. Click this menu item and you are directed to another page with a simple form which is aimed at testing the eligibility of the agent who is requesting a redelivery.

The first part of the form is where you fill in the delivery address. Every field in this area is compulsory.

Next you fill in the article number which is on the slip that was dropped when you were not around to get the mail.

Next you would be have to fill in the date of the last delivery attempt.

Finally, you enter the date when you would like the mail to be redelivered to you and then you submit the form.


This is something else that should be looked at when discussing USPS redelivery. The answer is yes and no.

If the mail is being redelivered to the regular address then there is no need to verify the receiver. If for example the mail comes to the office and instead of the boss signing for it, the security person at the gate does, then it is fine and there is no need for verification.

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If, on the other hand, the mail is to be picked up at the post office, then verification is needed if it is not the person whose name appears on the parcel, goes to receive it.


A carrier can only do a USPS redelivery to the same address. An authorized agent cannot ask mail to be delivered to a different location

At the time when the mail is redelivered, the owner of the parcel (addressee) or an authorized agent must be around to sign for the parcel. Just because a redelivery has been scheduled does not mean that the carrier can leave the parcel without anybody to sign.

There are acceptable forms of Identification in the event that mail in question belongs to a company. Some of them include a company shirt, company car, an ID card, or the addressee can actually call the post office and inform them who is going to be the authorized agent in charge of receiving the package.


So that is as flexible as it can be. If you will not be around to receive your letter, then you can authorize someone to receive on your behalf. This saves you the stress of having your mail held and other things. Letters could be important and may need a response ASAP. This being said, A USPS redelivery option is a perfect get around.