What is malware? The name sounds familiar to anybody who has had contact with the internet; but it is surprising how so many people do not know exactly what malware is. First of all, malware in full stands for malicious software. It is software built in such a way that it first attempts to gain access to computer systems (and now smartphones and other devices) without the user suspecting anything. Types of malware include worms, spyware, keyloggers, and even alien programming codes. The “maliciousness” of software is gauged basing on two factors. First and foremost is the intent of the software developer. There has to be a reason as to why they developed that program in the first place; and we have to analyze what they want to accomplish with it. Then, the features of the software are also considered. A well intentioned software developer whose program includes codes that seek unauthorized entry or access is equally culpable.

What is malware

Apple devices have not also been spared from the threat of viruses however. While Apple has done an exemplary job in protecting their devices from inherent attacks, hackers will always find a loophole somewhere – anywhere. The approach towards mitigation of malware attacks remains the same. First, malware protection is done. Next, malware detection is carried out in the event that some got through. Apps for the iPhone are purchased and downloaded from the one and only Apple store and all the programs in there undergo vigorous vetting before they are released to the public. However, there is always the rare chance that some malicious product will pass through undetected and finally end up in your iPhone6. This could happen if an iPhone user visits a malicious website, or acquires a foreign app and uses it on their device.

Let’s see how to do malware detection on the iPhone 6; as well as removing malware from the device. iphone malware protection starts with you. You have to ensure that your device never has jailbreaks. This is your best bet on how to get rid of malware. Jail breaking the iOS exposes you to much more risk; you are better off using your iPhone in its pre – set condition.

In the process of how to remove malware from iPhone, the first thing to do is close any popup that is open on your device currently.  Look out for any checkboxes that state: “don’t show more alerts from this webpage” in the popups as well and click before closing.

Now here is the best of removing malware. Reset settings. You can do this by navigating to Settings -> General -> Reset. If you have important data, back it up on iCloud. The next step of malware protection is deleting the suspicious app that seems to generate the malware. Pressing and holding the app icon until the letter X appears on the upper left hand side and then dragging the icon to it is the most common approach on how to remove malware from iPhone. Lastly, you can do a backup and restore on your iPhone 6. That is how to remove malware.