Dps are acronyms or abbreviations for display pictures. Display pictures or dps are used across social media networks. People also convey messages through the kind of dps they use. Dps often express sentiments of love, anger, pain or happiness. Whatsapp love dps range from pictures of the user and their loved ones to scenic shots with quotes printed on them. Recently, love dps for Whatsapp has become elaborate ways secret admirers use to propose to those they fancy. Whatsapp love dps are often sweet and whimsical.

Individuals have unique ways of using love dps for Whatsapp to reflect their moods. People change their Whatsapp love dps as often as they change their clothes. Introverts often take advantage of Whatsapp love dps to express the intense love they are verbally unable to articulate to the special people in their lives.

Whatsapp Love DPs 2017

Go ahead and spice up your love life with romantic dps.

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