WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging clients around the world. With WhatsApp, you can a simple yet fast messaging and calling for free on any type of device.

WhatsApp has definitely now taken this a notch higher by allowing you to use the app via a PC and sync with your phone. You don’t have to always pick up your home while working on your PC; you can just go ahead and check chats, reply and call with your PC.

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web

As rightly put on their blog, your PC is just mirroring your messages; and all conversations and replies done via PC is automatically still on your phone.

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Some of the amazing features for whats app web features are:

1. The WhatsApp web allows you to type more comfortably with your keyboard.

2. WhatsApp web gives you access to media in-line (photos, videos and audio, allowing you to download any media directly to your PC.

3. With WhatsApp web, you can start a new conversation with any contact, or search for existing conversation.

4. The web whatsapp allows you view contact information.

5. WhatsApp web allows you to talk in group chats and view group information.

6. With WhatsApp web, you can connect multiple computers to your phones and save them for the future and also remotely disconnect any browser from your phone.

7. Whats app web sends desktop alerts and sounds; which can also be mute.

8. Share photos, record audio or use your webcam on WhatsApp web.

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WhatApp web is not as perfect as the mobile version and below are the reasons why you might not totally ditch your mobile version for whats app web.

1. WhatsApp isn’t complete without the emoji and they don’t automatically work on the whats app web because thekeyboard doesn’t have the Emoji mapped to them. They will need you to add them manually using the emoji keyboard available in the web interface.

2. With whats app web interface, you will be unable to block users directly.

3. It is impossible to change your profile pictures or profile status on the web whatsapp.

4. The web whatsapp interface will not allow you to start a new group chat or leave an existing group chat.

5. You can’t use two browsers at the same time on the web whatsapp interface. Although you can add multiple browsers/PCs to your phone, you can only use one at a time.

6. With the web whatsapp interface, you cannot share contacts or maps.

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Now that you understand what the whatsapp web mean, its features as well as the shortcomings related to whatsapp web alone; please see below how to use/download it.

It is safe to say Whatsapp web is super easy to use although it has certain restrictions in which devices it is compatible with.

For you to be able to use whatsapp web, your device must have the following requirements.

1. To use whatsapp web; your device must be running on either Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone. It doesn’t work on iPhones because it restricts background multitasking and push notifications.

2. Although the web.whatsapp works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linus; it only supports the Chrome web browser. (Chrome web browser is said to be the fastest browser and it has the best push notification system; yet it might have been not so smart to restrict scan qr code functionality to only Chrome or browsers only based on Chrome.

3. Using web.whatsapp interface requires you to update Whatsapp from your smartphone app store or install the latest version.

4. To have access to scan qr code, your phone will have to be connected to the internet at all times.

If your device has all the above requirements; then, setting up whatsapp is an easy task. Follow the following steps below.

1. First step is to open your Google Chrome and type these website; this page opens up the scan qr code page

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web

2. Next; on your Whatsapp mobile app, tap the menu button, then choose the whatsapp web option so that you can read the scan qr code that appeared in the first step.

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web

3. Point your phone’s camera to the QR code on your PC screen (this is the code that shows when you are on the scan qr code page).

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web

As soon as you place your camera to the QR code on the scan qr code page as indicated above, it will sync with your phone and you are ready to go.

Whatsapp can also be downloaded to your PC on

There are other messaging apps that also gives you the web interface like WhatsApp. They include:

#1 Hangouts:similar to WhatsApp Web

The google hangout app also has a web application that is very easy to use. With Hangouts app, you can chat, group chat and make video calls. To access the Hangouts app, you must have a Gmail account.

Download Hangouts app from:

#2 Yappy:similar to WhatsApp Web

With Yappy messaging app, you can easily text with traditional SMS from your PC, laptop, tablet, and any other web connected device using your Android devices. Yappy works with Chrome, Firefox, Windows, XMPP (JABBER) and of course, Android. Its basic features include: text from PC/tablet, instant notifications on your PC/tablet when you receive a text, analyze your texting habits with built in analytics, saves time as it is faster to view and reply messages using your keyboard via a PC, it is safe and secure and messages are stored on dedicated servers and it conserves battery as you don’t have to always turn your phone on.

Download Yappy messaging app from:

#3 Telegram:similar to WhatsApp Web

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it is super-fast, simple and free. You can use the Telegram app on any type of device at any point in time and at the same time. With Telegram app, your messages, sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets and computers.

Telegram focuses on speed and security and it is free. All messages here are secure and stored in the cloud so you have access to them as you wish at any point in time.

Download the Telegram messaging app from:

#4 Line:similar to WhatsApp Web

With Line messaging app, you can send one-on-one and group texts to your friends anytime, anywhere. It is available for multiple/variety of smartphone devices like Blackberry, Android, Windows phones and the PC as well.

Also, with Line you can choose from over ten thousand (10 000) stickers and emoticons to share your feelings with your friends without the need to write any word. The Line allows you to share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts and location information in the moment.

If you need the latest news and special coupons from popular artists and brands; all you need to do is to follow the official accounts of your favorite artists, celebrities, brands, TV shows for exclusive news, promotions and more.

Download Line app from:

#5 Facebook Messenger:similar to WhatsApp Web

With Facebook messenger, you can have a face to face conversation with friends and family. It’s fast and easy anywhere in the world. With Facebook messenger, you know when messages are seen and read, free calls around the world, send videos and pictures instantly, send map of any location, record and send voice messages or send using stickers.

Download Facebook messenger from:

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