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It is undisputable fact that Whatsapp messaging app has gain a considerable popularity across the world with almost every member of the society who owns a smartphone having the app installed in their phone. Among the several numbers of reasons why the app is widely preferred by many is the fact it has numerous and favourable features compared to other messaging apps. Some of the best features of this app includes updated emoji or smileys if you will, it also has a multimedia support, and one can create a group for chatting and so on. WhatsApp also has provided for substantial privacy security in that, you can hide your last seen feature. Unfortunately, the app do not provide for Who Viewed my WhatsApp Profile feature.

Who viewed my whatsapp profile
Who viewed my whatsapp profile

Who visited my WhatsApp profile?

Because of the high level of security by the WhatsApp team, WhatsApp messenger do not have a feature to show its users who viewed there profiles. For this reason, a lot of WhatsApp users have locked in on finding, “Who viewed My WhatsApp Profile” to see who is spying on them, or maybe interested in them. Nonetheless, there hasn’t until now, been an official announcement from the WhatsApp teamof the launch of the new anticipated and desired feature but with the evolving technology, that has been well sorted out, and now the question, Who viewed My WhatsApp Profile? Can well be handled by the different types of Android applications that assist a WhatsApp user know who viewed his or her profile.

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Who viewed my Profile?

“I want to know Who Viewed my Profile”. This is question that literally every WhatsApp user is asking themselves, this article has just come in the nick of time to help you answer your nerve-wracking question of “Who viewed my Profile?” There are a number of Android designed applications that can help you keep track of your profile visitors and some of these apps include: WhatsApp – Who viewed Me? Who Visited my profile and WhatsApp Viewer. All these are reliable Androids applications that can help you know who visited your WhatsApp profile but the most reliable is the popular WhatsApp – Who viewed Me?

How to get WhatsApp – Who viewed Me App

Since this is an app operating on Android OS, it is simple to get.

Step 1: Go to Google play store. (Make sure you have an internet connection on your phone).

Who viewed my whatsapp profile
Who viewed my whatsapp profile

Step 2: Locate the Search field at the top of the screen, tap the search field and type, “WhatsApp – Who viewed Me”.

Who viewed my whatsapp profile
Who viewed my whatsapp profile

Step 3: There will be a variety of suggestions on the list, select “WhatsApp – Who viewed Me” and tap on INSTALL button to download and install it.

Step 4: After installation, open it and fill in the required details, cell phone number and name then you can proceed to find out who visited your profile. With a single tap on the green scan button as displayed on the screen, the app will run a scan through your contacts and the results will be the contacts who have viewed your WhatsApp profile today and most recent.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp Company has provided for this amazing desired feature, and apparently doesn’t seem to do so very soon, “WhatsApp – Who viewed Me” which is unofficial app has come out to solve the problem. This WhatsApp tracker will help you know who is “captivated” by you and maybe thinks that you are fine to be with them thereby keeping a close look on your WhatsApp profile photos and statuses every time you update them. Download “WhatsApp – Who viewed Me” today and have fun knowing who is on your WhatsApp profile.