For some weird reason, you happen to travel to a country you really know nothing about and you can’t seem to find your way to get more information because you don’t have access to the internet?

Let’s give you a list of Wifi password hacker apps that you can use. As of now, we don’t have Wifi password hacker apps that work perfectly for both iOS and Android devices; so, we will give you a separate list for Android users and another list for iOS users.

wifi password hacker
Best wifi password hacker apps 2017

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There are a few Wifi hack methods for iPhone and the top five (5) are:

1. Thomsonwifi password hacker

The Thomson Wifi hacker app is a speed touch hack that allows you access to unauthorized Wifi networks.

All there is to do is find the default password of Blink, Thomson and Speed touch wireless routers; enter the 6 digit of the SSID in the field given and the key appears. (Please note that the first pass is usually the most working).

Download the Thomson app from:


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2. iWep Prowifi password hacker

iWep Pro Wifi password hack app that utilizes a form of key calculations on supported modems to hack password. Although the app has a disclaimer that is designed for personal security exclusive, this Wifi hacker app has a library of standard router passwords and can potentially be used when it comes to accessing the person’s personal network.

This is one of the best Wifi password hacker app with a responsive user interface.


3. iSpeedTouchedwifi password hacker

iSpeedTouched is a Wifi password hack app that is very fast and gets the job done well. It is also easy to use and can be said to be the one of most user-friendly iPhone Wifi password hacker app.

If you are looking for a Wifi password hacker that will break Wifi password in a few minutes with just a few clicks, iSpeedTouched is your best choice.


4. WPA Testerwifi password hacker

The WPA Tester Wifi password hacker app is the best app that also has a fast hacking process.

This app is developed by Paolo Arduin, and although it is a paid app in the App store; you can download the WPA Tester cracked version from:


5. Wifi Auditorwifi password hacker

Wifi auditor is a free Wifi password hacker app that is used to audit the security of some wireless networks. All you should do is simply enter network name, the iOS address of the router and you will be able to get the information about the vulnerability of the network.


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6. Scany

Scany is a powerful multifunctional networking instrument that can be used at a Wifi password hacker. It is used for finding connected hidden devices on Wifi or LAN and can be used to test their access points without the need for permission.

Scany has an uncluttered interface design, making it easy for use.


Other Wifi password hacker apps 2017 that can be used by iPhone are:

7. Wifi Analyzer: (Download)

8. WifiFoFum: (Download)

9. Eircom: (Download)

10. PassMule 2: (Download)


1. WLAN AUDITwifi password hacker

WLAN Audit is one of the few Wifi password hacker apps that you might not need to jailbreak your device.

It shows relevant diagnostic information about an access point and can be downloaded from:


2. AndroDumpperwifi password hacker

AndroDumpper is a new Wifi hacker app that works for Android devices exceptionally well. It attacks the WPS protocol and hacks a Wifi.

With this app, you can either root or no root.

Download AndroDumpper Wifi hacker app from:


3. CR WIFIwifi password hacker

With CR Wifi, you can recover over passwords for over 30 models of the most used routers. It also has dictionaries that contain CR Wifi and it is an easy and intuitive application.

It scans the network and analyzes its environment and warns of vulnerable networks and can find the password of the Wifi in a very short time.


4. RouterKeygenwifi password hacker

RouterKeygen is a free WPA/WEP key generator for several routers around the world. As a good Wifi password hack program, it scans all networks around you and checks if it can generate keys for those networks that you will test and you can be sure one or more will give you access.

Download RouterKeygen app from:


5. WifiPasswifi password hacker

Like every other Wifi hacker app, the WifiPass gives you access to free internet anywhere using Wifi hotspots. It automatically discovers which free hotspot really works, use password shared by others and grants you access.

It also automatically notifies you when you are in a range of free Wifi hotspot and additionally shows you map of those places. With WifiPass, you get instant access to more than 5million hotspots.


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6. Wireless Crackerwifi password hacker

With the wireless Cracker app, you can decrypt password for many types of networks. This one of the Wifi password hacker apps that is mostly recommended for Android users.

Download Wireless Cracker app from:


7. Routerpwnwifi password hacker

Routerpwn is a Wifi password hacker app that has been widely downloaded and used to hack Wifi passwords. It is quite easy to use and it has a high success rate in finding the passwords of Wifi near you.


Other Wifi password hacker apps 2017 that can be used by Android are:

8. PenetratePRO: (Download)

9. PulWifi: (Download)

10. WPS WPA Tester: (Download)

11. Wifi Password Breaker: (Download)

12. Wifi Hacker professional: (Download)

13. Wifi and Router Password finder: (Download)

14. Hack Wifi 2014: (Download)


It is important to note that the apps above are meant for educational purpose and hacking isn’t encouraged.

However, the list above contains the best Wifi password hacker apps that have been reviewed in recent times.