The safe mode of any computer refers to the alternative state to the normal mode which allows you to start your computer in a limited state for basic files only. It was made to allow users access their computers when they are facing trouble shooting challenges with their normal operating system in safe mode windows 8.

windows 8 safe mode
Windows 8 Safe Mode


Our computers presents us with troubleshooting issues of different kinds from time to time. From frozen computers to blue screen of death to user profile service log on fail, the list is endless for the kinds of trouble shooting challenges we face. More than half of the time, we solve such trouble using the safe mode of our computers. Hence if you are using a windows 8 computer, then you must use the windows 8 safe mode to solve these issues.

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There are different booting processes for different window categories for both normal mode and safe mode. Example, the windows 8 safe mode has a different booting style from the windows 10 safe mode.

Simple Way Out To Boot Windows 8 Safe Mode:

#1 The most simple and fastest first step to boot your computer into safe mode windows 8 computer is by hitting the F8 key and the Shift+ F8 key combination. This automatically ushers you into the automatic repair mode associated with the windows 8 safe mode.

Alternative processes for windows 8 safe mode

#2 Another alternative way out to booting your computer in safe mode windows 8 can be taken if you are able to boot your computer to your login screen. If this happens you can simply click the shift and restart key at the same time. This takes you immediately to the option screen for trouble shooting where the safe mode can be accessed.

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#3 Did you know you could also boot your computer using another computer? Almost like jump starting a car with the battery of another car, computers can be started from another which also has the safe mode windows 8 version. A USB recovery drive can be created to boot the computer which gives you access to the recovery screens of your computer in safe mode.

The advanced troubleshooting tools to boot into windows 8 safe mode


(i) Access the button for advanced repair option to take you to the troubleshooting screen where you select the troubleshooting button.

(ii) Select advanced options and choose the Windows Startup settings option. From here, you can simply choose the restart button after which your pc would have entered windows 8 safe mode when it restarts.