There are a lot of things available today which we didn’t have a couple of years back. Online movie streaming is one of those things and yet right now, in the 21st century, it is not easy to remember how most of us coped without it.

Being able to watch free movies online has changed the game for movie lovers and in a good way. There are many sites online today which offer this service but we are going to be looking at one of them in particular. So which one is it?

Xmovies8 : Watch free movies online

Have you ever heard of Xmovies8? Oh really you have? That’s good to know because they are the ones on the spotlight. This site has fast overtaken the market for where users can watch free movies online without downloading. But it’s not just about knowing that there is a site like this, it is about knowing how to navigate and know the features of the site – then of course finding out how to easily locate your favorite movies and stream live online.

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This is the address you want to type into your browser to visit this wonderful site on review. This site does not only offer you a place where you can watch movies online free, but you can also get latest TV shows at the same price – free. On this site, there is no registration required before you can have access to the movies and TV shows you wish to stream.

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Xmovies8 has a beautiful, responsive design. Written in HTML5 and CSS3, this site is in HD, it looks good on PC, Tablet, and mobile; and is fast when it comes to loading time. For a movie streaming site, it is top of the line.

The homepage is complete with a slider displaying different movies and TV shows and this gives the visitor a glance of what is going on there. And what to know is that this isn’t just any ol’ slider, it is complete with additional information like the year of release, genre, quality, and IMDB rating of whatever is currently displayed. To top it off, you can click on the ‘watch now’ button right from the slider. Even though there is a slider, it doesn’t make the site look too busy and that is another genius thing when it comes to the design and interface of Xmovies8.

At the top bar, you can search for any movie or TV show of your choice and this works for those one who do not want to browse through the site.  This is the case most times when we go to watch movies online free; we do not want to spend time in browsing through and we already have in mind what we are looking for. These ones can use the search bar.


Apart from what has been mentioned above, the homepage of Xmovies8is packed with features and a smart grid layout which is aimed at giving easy navigation to the visitor looking to quickly get to the movie they want to stream. Recommended – These sets of movies are mostly recent movies, they are grouped in the recommended tab to enable users see what has been recently added.

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Most watched today – In this tab, the user gets to see – as the name implies – the most seen movies of that particular day. The idea behind this is to let the user know what movies are trending.

Top rating – Using statistics for rotten tomatoes and IMDB; top rated movies are compiled into this tab.

Most favorite – This tab contains movies which other users have added to their ‘favorites’.

Underneath all this, we have a grid display of movies and TV shows which you can click on to get started. On each banner, you can also find some details about the item. These include the video quality (CAM, HD, DVD) of the movie, title, and year of release.


The top left hand of the Xmovies8 site has a menu which can be clicked or tapped to display more functions such as

Cinema Movies – Where you can go to get latest movies showing in cinemas all over the world. You can only find the newest movies here.

TV Series – This area has TV series frequently updated.

Most Viewed – This area shows movies in order of highest to lowest views. These views are recorded as users watch the movies on the site.

More Menu items in which the movies on this site are grouped into include Genre, Director, Writer, and Actor.


This is after all the reason we are here in the first place. Playing movies on this site is as easy as clicking the movie banner on the home screen or any where you find it on the site. Once clicked, another page is opened where you can stream the movie via an on screen frame.


When we talk about sites like this, there is always the question of whether or not they are legal. Well Xmovies8 says they are legal and for now all we have is to take their word for it. Not everyone is convinced though because they still display copyright messages on some of the movies. There have been no legal issues with them so far so we have to lean to the what they have said about their being legal.


We have mentioned a couple of things this site is good for including that there is no registration required in order to stream your movie, you can watch free movies online without downloading, but there is more. On Xmovies8, if you do not find a movie you are looking for, you are free to use the request Item on the menu bar to send the admin a mail with the details of the movie you are requesting.

All this being said is enough to make you give it a try, it costs you nothing except bandwidth and if you are a movie lover, then that should not be a problem. Do log on and experience a whole new way of enjoying movies on Xmovies8.