YouTube is without a doubt everyone’s go to website—whether to watch YouTube music videos, a makeup tutorial or to find a video recipe of your favourite chocolate cake—it’s just the internet’s gift to mankind. For YouTube junkies sometimes one-time views just won’t do, and for times like those the internet has gifted them yet another buddy: the YouTube video downloader. And thankfully—you need not settle for just one site to download YouTube videos, or get your free music download from—the internet is loaded with a lot!

If you find yourself watching more YouTube videos than the times you blink your eyes then you’re, like many others, a YouTube fanatic. If that’s the case, then you might want to get a trusted YouTube downloader online, or YouTube music downloader. Here’s why: it lets you download YouTube videos for you to watch offline; and it gives you your next free music download.

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Do you need the best YouTube music downloader purposely for speed and convenience? Some of the best softwares to download YouTube music videos are:aTube catcher,Any video converter, YouTube downloader,Ummy video downloader,iskysoftiMausic etc.

So, no need to ask ‘how to download YouTube videos?’ or ‘how to download videos from YouTube?’, ‘cause everything is answered by this list. So here are your options for your YouTube video downloader or YouTube music downloader:

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In recent times most of these music downloader are available as android and iOS apps.

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Best YouTube Video Downloader 2016 To Download YouTube Videos

#1 WinX YouTube Downloader

Youtube Music Downloader

WinX is just one YouTube video downloader amongst many others you can download YouTube videos from.  Besides downloading YouTube videos, WinX also allows users to convert files to MP3, AVI, MPEG, and WMV. Is WinX your YouTube Video Downloader of choice, click here:

Get WinX YouTube Downloader Here

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#2 Save From Net Online youtube downloader

Youtube Music Downloader

“The fastest free YouTube downloader” as the site claims. If the words fast and free has convinced you enough then maybe is your YouTube video downloader. If you want to download YouTube videos from, then click this link:

Click to go for Save From Net Online youtube downloader

#3 Any Video Converter 5.9.7 & YouTube video Downloader

Youtube Music Downloader

Whether you need a YouTube video downloader or a YouTube music downloader, Any Video Converter has pretty much everything you YouTube fans need. So do you want your free music download? Then click this link:

Get Any Video Converter 5.9.7 & YouTube video Downloader

#4 Video Grabby Free Online youtube downloader

Youtube Music Downloader

A YouTube downloader that doesn’t only limit you to downloading movies, but free music download as well as it works with Soundcloud too. So if it’s a YouTube music downloader you need then get Video Grabby from this link:

Click to go for Video Grabby Free Online youtube downloader

#5 iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac Youtube Music Downloader

Youtube Music Downloader

YouTube music videos can also be downloaded using iskysoftiMusic. Well, competitive would be an understatement for iSkysoft as its website promises you “3x Faster to Download Videos from 10,000+ Sites”.  It’s one of the best Youtube Music Downloader that works on mac and windows computers. It can download from over 3000 sites.YouTube music videos that are converted into other formats can be shared on iPhones, iPads, iPods, iTunes, computers and android devices. Get your YouTube downloader that’s 3x faster than your average YouTube video downloader from this link:

Get iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac Youtube Music Downloader

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#6 aTube Catcher Youtube Music Downloader

Youtube video Downloader

So you want a free music download? aTube Catcher answers that problem of yours. Atube catcher is meant for downloading YouTube music videos; convert the videos to other formats such as AVI,FLV,WMV,MPG, PSP etc. It has awesome features like a screen recorder to grab videos in play mode and find previously watched clips. This YouTube music downloader works on old operating systems such as windows 98. This YouTube music downloader gives you your free music download and converts it in just about any format unlike your typical YouTube downloader online. Download it here:

Get aTube Catcher Youtube Music Downloader

#7 keepvid Free Online youtube downloader

Youtube video Downloader

When a YouTube addict’s only daily goal is to download YouTube video, or get their free music download fix; he/she only goes to “The Ultimate YouTube Video Downloader” for their computers—KeepVidPro. So next time your priority is: download YouTube video, just click this link:

Click to go for keepvid Free Online youtube downloader

#8 Ummy Youtube Video Downloader

Youtube video Downloader

Need a YouTube video downloader that’s fast? A YouTube video downloader that’s easy to use? And a YouTube video downloader that’s FREE? Then Ummy’s your trusty YouTube downloader. Download the no-fuss YouTube video downloader here:

Get Ummy Youtube Video Downloader

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#9 Free YouTube Download

Youtube video Downloader

Get ready to download YouTube video one, two, three, and one hundred from whichever site and in whatever format with Free YouTube Download. This safe and free YouTube video downloader, where you can also get your free music download, can be downloaded via this link:

Click to get Free YouTube Download

#10 Airy Youtube Downloader

youtube downloader

Your YouTube video downloader that isn’t your YouTube downloader online! Confused? No need to be, it just simply means you don’t need the internet anymore as Airy allows you to download your favourite videos and have you watch them with no worry of faulty internet connections. Click here:

Click to get Airy Youtube Downloader

#11 Clipconverter – Youtube Converter & Online Youtube Downloader

youtube downloader

Ever download YouTube videos and end up finding out your player doesn’t support the format it’s in? No fear! is here! Your one-stop-shop converter of that video you’ve downloaded from your trusted YouTube downloader online. Download your trusty converter here:

Click to go for Clipconverter – Youtube Converter & Online Youtube Downloader

#12 YTD (YouTube Downloader)

youtube downloader

Type in keywords such as: ‘YouTube downloader online’ or ‘download YouTube video’ or even ‘download YouTube videos’, and chances are one of the top results would be YTD! It’s one of the most trusted YouTube video downloaders you can download YouTube videos from. Get it here:

Click to get YTD (YouTube Downloader


So, you find yourself having ‘download YouTube video’ or ‘download YouTube videos’ running through your mind? For an efficient download of YouTube videos, or free music download, choose one YouTube downloader listed above. Get ready to download YouTube videos, or your next free music download from your YouTube video downloader. Remember, you’re not a YouTube junkie unless you have a YouTube video downloader or YouTube music downloader in your computer.